Best way to reduce your fat at home

Here I am going to explain a best effective method to reduce excess fat at home.
It's nothing just a drink which you should use instead of plain drinking water. It can be prepared in your home itself.
Cucumber – 1
Ginger Powder – 1 tbsp
Lemon – 1
Mint Leaves – 12
Water – 2 litres
Take 2 litres of water a tumblr and chop one cucumber in it. Then put 12 mint leaves in it. After that chop one lemon in it. Finally add one table spoon of ginger power* and stir it well. Then you keep it in refrigerator and after 15 minute you can start to drink it.
You should only use this water while the day. Don't use any kind of liquid foods till you finish this two litres. Continue this for 4 days you will have a good change.
I strongly recommend to add some cardio exercises for 20 minutes daily during this 4 days. It's will give you the best result. I got my abs fit by taking this drink and doing cardio.
*You can have crushed piece of a ginger which is equivalent to one table spoon as per your availability but I recommend ginger powder.

Take care of your body to stay handsome

Hot muscular body
Hot muscular body

Maintaining your body makes you handsome. Most of the people thinks its's a difficult task. But with my experience it is not a difficult thing if you take it serious. If you are much dedicated you can have a slight muscular body from home itself. Even though I suggest you all for GYM because it can give you better result and further ideas of body building. To be noted I recommend you to select a GYM under a passionate and dedicated instructor. So about body building I will explain detail later in coming posts. Now I will explain some points to have a good body to stay and look handsome.

Maintain a good schedule daily:-

That means keep proper timing for everything like sleep, eat and work. Then you will get good time for work out.

Avoid unwanted activities:- 

 You should avoid some activities which you usually do for time pass and fun for some hours.
If you put this time to your other routines you will get a lot of time for workouts

Do your workout with full dedication:-

Fix a time period of 1 or 2 hours for non stop work out. You should not give a break in between. Try to have a head phones so your output will be maximum.

Drink lot of water and optimized food:-

Intake of plenty of water results in more stamina and optimized food helps you to burn your fat easily. You can also try some detoxing water for better result.

Take its as a first step guys and go forward. There is so many tips and more posts regarding this.
I will share to you soon......

How to stay young and handsome for ever in the world

First of all this is my first post, so I need to introduce myself to all.

I am Prasoon Prahaladan would like to share every tips and ideas which helps you to stay handsome and young. The first thing I need to say you is everything regarding this subject depends upon you and what you do.

So I am not explaining the whole things in a single article and it is not possible. I will give you few few tips in every articles.

So lets go for some for now:-

  • Daily workouts
  • Better diet
  • Think  positive

Here I explained the most valuable three points to keep in your mind or the three key aspects to 
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